$150.00 USD


Blues Guitar Course

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you tired of sounding like a novice? Are you in need of a structural path to become a better guitarist?

Take the leap from beginner to intermediate and beyond by learning how to play The Blues

What you'll get: Over 3 hours of video lessons teaching:

  • 3 levels of 12 bar blues progressions

  • Music Theory Fundamentals

  • How to use the major scale

  • Create chord progressions

  • Play lead guitar on Acoustic & Electric

  • Rhythm technique

  • How to play the pentatonic scale

  • Pentatonic Exercises 

  • How to use Major Pentatonic

  • how to play the blues scale

  • How to play ALL over the fretboard

  • Acoustic Blues Licks

  • BB King Style Solo

  • Backing Tracks

  • How to play by ear

  • How to improvise 

  • How to express yourself with guitar

Course content may change or be updated